Compass Portfolios and ATBIS Pools are prospectus-qualified funds with a 20-year track record in multiple market cycles

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We lead through a human-centric advisory approach, inclusive of our investment philosophy, deep relationships and earned trust. Our specialty advisory services create value by helping clients reach their goals and provide the greatest chance of achieving the returns, while managing risk.

As an investment manager, ATBIM offers expert services in the areas of Institutional Portfolio Management and Private Investment Counselling.

What is the ATBIM Investment Philosophy?

The following core beliefs are integral to the process of building and managing portfolios:

Begin with an effective asset mix, strategically rebalanced over time. 

Succeed by our managing risk through diversification—protecting investors from the downside while cultivating room to grow. 

Thrive on our strong partnerships with select, specialized investment managers.

Gain from our commitment to managing costs to maximize investor returns.

Reflect the discipline, simplicity and clarity that’s in everything we do. 

Learn more about our Investment Philosophy:

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