Founded in 2002, ATB Investment Management has a deep-rooted, deliberate and structured approach to investment management and portfolio design.

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Our approach

At ATB Investment Management (ATBIM), we focus on a smart asset mix for portfolios, being globally diversified, and prudent in the risk that we take on. With a deliberate mix of active and passive investment manager expertise, our managers are carefully selected as an extension of our investment team for expert portfolio construction using a sub-advised model.

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We provide flexible, diverse investment products with the right asset mix for your portfolio that fits your financial goals.

The two main categories of assets are:

  • Equities, such as stocks, tend to be more volatile and can have higher returns.
  • Fixed-income assets, like government bonds, are more predictable but usually don’t match equities for potential returns.

A mix of equities and bonds works well due to diversification. By holding more than one type of asset, your exposure to a single risk is reduced.

Once a portfolio’s broad asset mix is defined, we expand the investment universe to manage risk and maximize value. To accomplish this, we can break down the fixed-income and equities categories into smaller components. And also go beyond traditional stocks and bonds to diversify with assets like mortgages, which historically offer excellent risk-adjusted returns, but are not represented in most fixed-income asset portfolios. By mixing assets strategically and efficiently, we aim to provide the highest return possible for a given level of risk over the long term.

One of the few things we’re absolutely certain of is that no one knows everything. For this reason, along with diversifying across stocks, regions and industries, we also diversify across investment management firms. Using an independent business model, the professionals who choose the individual bonds and stocks that make up our portfolios are not limited to our in-house team. 

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Our multi-manager approach lets us blend lower cost passive exchange traded funds with active bond and equity managers, ensuring our costs compare favourably to similar portfolio programs in Canada. 

Our strong investment discipline and preference for simplicity and clarity means that, when markets inevitably experience turmoil, investors understand how and why their portfolios are structured for resilience. This allows us to stay the course and be opportunistic in all types of market environments, rather than reactionary. Ultimately our goal is to be predictable for our investors. Over time, the more confidence they have with our unwavering investment philosophy, the greater chance they will trust the process and remain invested, leading to success in their long-term goals.

What we’re made of

We have 20 years of experience building and developing our funds and services in the interest of helping our investors grow and preserve their wealth.

The ATBIM Story

ATBIM is proud to be part of ATB Financial’s 80-year history, taking pride in helping clients make it possible.

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The ATBIM Experience

Compass Portfolios and ATBIS Pools are prospectus-qualified funds with a track record of multiple market cycles.

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Awards and Recognition

Compass Portfolios receive FundGrade A+™ recognition for consistent and outstanding risk-adjusted performance in 2022.

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Our senior leadership team

Our senior leadership team is made up of a well rounded group of investment, compliance and operations professionals with diverse and complementary skill sets. 

Our parent company, ATB Financial

ATB Financial is a leading financial institution that started in Alberta with the focus of putting people first. Its success comes from more than 5,000 team members who love to deliver exceptional experiences to over 800,000 clients across its Personal and Business Banking, ATB Wealth and ATB Capital Markets businesses. ATB provides expert advice, services and products through its many branches and agencies, its 24-hour Client Care Centre, four entrepreneur centres and its digital banking options. ATB powers possibilities for its clients, communities and beyond. ATB Investment Management Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ATB Financial and is a licensed user of the registered trademark ATB Wealth.

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