Navigating markets for the ATBIM funds amidst the conflict in the Middle East

Our Portfolio Managers discuss the exposure to the ATBIM Funds from the current conflict between Israel and Hamas. 

Landscape image of Israel

Regional conflicts are difficult for individuals and investment managers to navigate, especially when considering the humanitarian aspect aside from market impacts. We express our sympathy and condolences for all those affected by the current conflict between Israel and Hamas. 

Tensions have existed in the Middle East for decades, and similar to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we can only react to what has happened rather than speculate on what may come to fruition. The scale of the most recent conflict could not have been anticipated. From an investment perspective, it is prudent to limit our exposure where appropriate while still maintaining our investment thesis. This article will outline where we believe the ATB Investment Management (ATBIM) portfolios have exposure. 

The direct exposure to the conflict for the Compass Portfolios and ATBIS Pools (the Funds) is limited to those Funds that hold the BMO MSCI EAFE ETF (ZEA). EAFE stands for Europe, Australia, and the Far East. This holding gives the funds broad market-capitalization weighted exposure to the top 85% of the largest companies across the 21 developed countries included in the index. Israel is a member of this group as the only developed Middle Eastern country. It was added to the MSCI EAFE index in 2010 when it was classified as a developed market rather than an emerging market. 

ZEA holds roughly 800 companies within the 21-country grouping, and 14 of them are situated in Israel as of September 30, 2023 (quarter end). Those companies combined represent about a 0.6% weight within ZEA. ZEA is not held in all Funds at ATBIM. The weighting is approximately 20% within our international equity sleeve for each of the Funds listed below. Total exposure directly to Israel as of quarter-end is as follows:

Table showing ZEA and Israel weight in ATBIM funds

Given the minimal exposure across the Funds, we do not foresee any direct material impacts from the ongoing conflict.

Beyond direct exposure, the broader implications of geo-political conflict can be complex. Energy markets will likely see added volatility due to significant oil production in the region. Still the dynamic in the Middle East is different enough from previous conflicts that the impact on oil production is likely to be minimized. There is no one-size-fits-all answer as to how wars may impact markets. We maintain diversification across many different assets and regions because this is key for long-term investors to minimize exposure to unforeseen events. 

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